Mar 3, 2012

Highs and Lows

** I recently ran my furtherest distance ever - 5 miles! I felt great and like I could accomplish anything!
** We got to visit my family and celebrate my nieces 6th birthday. Living 4 hours from family is quite tough sometimes. I hate missing out on their lives. Kairi adores her "friends" and has a blast when we get to see them! It was such a great 24 hours! Oh and I got to see 2 of my best friends while we were there even though it was just for a couple minutes.
** I love Tuesdays. Kai has gymnastics and I really enjoy that hour of one on me time with her and watching her during class how she progresses each week and she's such a good listener and follows directions so well. Makes a momma proud. We had a great evening of one on one time.
** marriage. Yes this is a high for me. I am married to an amazing man who so happens to be my best friend. I love our marriage and I love how we are always learning how to love each other better and to communicate with each other. I have enjoyed him.
** bonus. I work one or 2 shifts a month and I worked today and was able to earn my bonus which will help financially this month!
** starting at the gym.
** the girls and I ran errands all day Wednesday and we really had a great time. They were well behaved and even though having 2 is a little harder we still had so much fun!

** ice cream is still a weakness... But may always be :)
** brayce had to get shots (and had an ear infection which we didn't even know. Luckily she's been acting fine) and Kai having to have her lab drawn. We put the girls on an immune booster vitamin!
** Kai started having night terrors but we have noticed it has helped by moving her bed time up by 45 minutes. (now limiting liquids sooner will help her with waking up to go potty).
** my washing machine broke - but not really a low because my best friend said I could have her old one! So a little low with a big blessing. :)

Ok so this really turned out to be a high and higher post. :) i am so thankful for my life and give all the praise to God.

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