Mar 2, 2012

Fit for Life

Last night Jonathan and I went to the gym to lift weights for the first time. I was anxious about going. I was worried because I didn't know what to do and where to begin. What routine we would do. I feared looking out of place and dumb, fat and weak. I was scared to try someone new. (I worry about what people think of me.)
We got there around 6:30 (thanks Papa for keeping the girls for us, we truly are blessed with amazing in-laws who love our girls (almost) as much as we do.) anyways there wasn't very many people there, whew sigh of relief and most of my anxieties disappeared... (tip: try not to go at the busiest time of day. Find a time that fits your schedule but isn't the same time that everyone else is there. Especially if you are new and self-conscience.) We started out with a mile run to warm up and we definitely did that. It was quite warm in there! Then it was time... Time to make a fool out of myself no no time to strengthen my body and be a better me.
I did a lot of hunting of what routine we should do for fat loss but it was Jonathan my awesomely geeky husband who found a great app, Fitness Buddy for 99 cents, that has tons of features with different routines and exercises and pictures that show how to do the move. The one we started with was a total body workout w 9 different moves, 3 sets of 10 reps. Things like the bench press, biceps curl, lunges and crunches. --- tip: have a plan of what you're going to do when you get there so you can stay on track and be productive. Aka plan ahead.
Jonathan and I did every rep side by side and kept each other going and encouraged. Tip: find a work out buddy... A friend, a spouse, a coworker but have someone to keep you accountable and to push you!
After we were done we were encouraged that this was going to be a good thing in our lives. We snooped around the rest of the gym to familiarize ourselves with what it had to offer and at the other machines. A video of me trying the one where you throw a weighted ball while doing sit ups could've went viral on YouTube! I'm a dork! I had to do a Steve Urkel "help! I've fallen and can't get up!" Lol but at this point I was laughing and not caring if people were watching or judging me. I guess working out gives you confidence in yourself! :) that'll be an added bonus to getting healthy! But I really do think we are the ones that put those silly thoughts in our heads because people are at the gym to workout not to make fun of others - if you want to do that you go to a state fair or something. And plus if someone is judging me for using my 8 pound dumbbells than that's their problem.

Lifting weights was a good experience definitely different than what I'm used to with cardio but I really did enjoy it. However all day today I've been walking with a limp. I've felt like a very old person with bad hips. I'm guessing from the lunges and squats! But it's fun to have sore muscles. It's one of those hurts so good things! Remember that our bodies can do more than we think! I'm excited for round two tomorrow! And hopefully a couple minutes in a tanning bed! :) -- no lectures (Cassie!).

Fitness for Life
When I went to ask some questions about signing up and the cost the girl told me to talk to my employer, Integris Hospital. The hospital pays $15 a month of my gym membership just because I work there and to encourage health and wellness!! A big thank you to both the hospital and the gym for participating in this! It helps this family out! And we appreciate it.

Dumbbells: We are ready to lift...

Ya right! These are more my size!

I'm so strong... :)

My lifting partner

We survived workout #1!!

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