Mar 12, 2012

Birthday Cookies

Since I am able to stay at home with the girls instead of having to go to work I wanted to do something fun and special with Kai during the day and while Braycee napped. So I thought it would be fun to make some Hello Kitty birthday cookies with Kai! She loved it. She was worried about making a mess but I told her it was ok! We cut them out and baked them and then she went to take a nap. Later we got to decorate them with Mimi! I cherish my one on one time with Kairi and love to see her creativity and artsy personality come out!

Kai in her "rapron"
Hello Kitty cookie cutters
Of course she wanted to use the PINK one!

She ate more of the sprinkles than what ended up on the cookies!
Therefore these were not very sanitary so we couldn't share them. But it was still fun!

Mimi and Kai decorating! Kai in another "rapron"
Pop was helping by spraying the icing directly into Kai's mouth! SUGAR HIGH

I have so much fun being this girls' momma!!

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