Mar 12, 2012

Kairi's Birthday Weekend

Kai woke up to a decorated house, presents and donuts for turning 3!

I say TERRIFIC 3s!!

In their new Hello Kitty pajama's! :)
Have I mentioned how much I love having 2 girls?!

Kai got to pick where she wanted to eat for her birthday dinner..
And of course it was pizza hut!!

Celebrating Kairi at Pizza Hut

Kai LOVESSSSS her Papa

Nonnie got Kai a cake, balloons, and presents for her Pizza Hut birthday party!
We were supposed to have the girls' birthday party this weekend but due to a rash Brayce had we had to postpone it... but Mimi & Pop still came to give the Birthday girl spankings! :)

This girl is crazy for her Pop and Mimi! I am too!!!
Thank you SO much for coming to celebrate Kairi with us!
My heart is full!!!

Our family of 4! We may not be perfect but we are perfect together!

Kairi's been wanting a kitty bed for months now!!!
So Jonathan and I spray painted her bed pink and
got her hello kitty sheets & Mimi got her a blanket!
Now only if she would hold up to her end of the bargain & sleep all night in it!

Thank you to each person that made Kairi feel special! Papa and Nonnie for coming to Pizza Hut to eat with us and bringing cake and balloons! Thank you to Pop and Mimi for driving all that way to let Kairi know how special she is to you! To all 4 of you for her wonderful presents and helping us make the kitty bed! Thank you for loving her and us! Thank you for the fb messages, skype, and phone calls! My little girl had the best day!

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