Mar 12, 2012

My Story

Well, I definitely never thought I would have my own YouTube video. But here we go! Click on the link above where it says My Story to check it out.

I pray that God's Story will shine through my story! This was not easy to share and it scares me a little bit to have it so available for people to view. This is a very personal story. I am opening up myself to others. BUT I only do it so someone can relate. Someone who is there, was there... can find Jesus - Romans 10:13 "everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved!" This is all that matters. I hope my story can touch your life in someway that points you towards a relationship with Jesus Christ.

It's all because of Jesus!!!

Also for more information on how to write your story check out or  Our current series is called "Your Story" - Week one was yesterday and you can view it online under sermons or watch the service live on Sundays at 10:45!

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