Feb 21, 2012

Love Potion #9

My husband & I were talking and i can't exactly remember the conversation but he said he wanted to love be better. I have a love language of words of affirmation. He sent me an email and I went to search for the meaning of "words of affirmation" and it brought me to the 5 love languages website. (http://www.5lovelanguages.com/) and as you will see there was an ad for a "love challenge". I thought perfect! And clicked on it to read more. I told my hubs about it and we both downloaded the app and took the test. I already knew what the results would be #1 words of affirmation & #2 quality time. Jonathan's top 2 were tied. Quality time & touch. 
-- If you don't know about love languages or even if u do I encourage u to take this challenge or at least take the quiz so u can better love your spouse and understand them better. 
A lot of time we love others in how we want to be loved. A lady told me about her mom always giving her gifts when all she wanted was some quality time. The mom thought she was showing the daughter love but thats her love language not the daughters. 
So when we know ourselves and the ones we love we are able to pour out a love just for that special someone. 

So Jonathan and I just completed week one. They give you a challenge for the week and a daily conversation starter.  My challenge was to read a book about sex and talk about the things I learned with him... And put into practice those things. (I will be posting a blog soon about the book because I HIGHLY recommend it for all married couples.) Well I learned a lot and was challenged to love in a way that is not my first pick but it was a great week. Jonathans challenge was each day he was to observe me and at the end of the day he had a list of reasons why he loved me and would tell me the situation, the what he loved, and explain the why he loved it! A challenge that meant a lot to me. Some of the things he would tell me was fun because they weren't obvious things but little things that meant so much to him. Some things he loved about me this week: how I take care of the girls, how I support him and pray for him, how I keep the house clean & that he appreciates me, my patience, when I let him sleep & I get up with the girls bc I know he has to get up soon for work. Ok those all were just from the last day there's a reason I asked you to send me the list babe - I'm forgetful and want to reread those. :)
Yesterday we received a new challenge. Last night when I went to get into bed I found a note on my pillow with characteristics of mine & reasons why he loves me. I mean come on! What girl would get tired of hearing these things! Lucky girl!
He doesn't know my challenge so cant tell you. But it's one he will also love. 
Ok so go check it out! It's not too late to get started!!!

Taking the Love Language Challenge and you should too. 5 Challenges. 5 Weeks. 1 Love Story. www.lovelanguagechallenge.com #LLChallenge

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I asked Jack at lunch if he would do this with me, and he's in!!



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