Feb 21, 2012

Jesus said don't eat the apples

Kai picked up the bible and said "bible time"
"Jesus said 'no man serve masters'"
Then turned to the creation page and said "Jesus made everything. Jesus made the birds, Jesus made the lions, Jesus made..." And named all the animals on the page. then she turned to Abraham and Sarah. I said "that's who you learned about yesterday, Abraham and Sarah". She said "jesus gave a baby she's like a mommy" "Jesus said don't eat the apple"
Then to  turned to Jacob and the angels she said "fairies" lol. And to Joshua and the walls of Jericho she said "they play music to make them happy."

I am so excited to team up with our church and parent beyond my capacity!!! 
Kai has been learning so much during her Sunday morning class and at A-team. I am grateful for our church and the teachers! You are making a difference for God's bigger picture!


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