Feb 23, 2012

Happy Birthday, Braycers!!

I didn't know what we were missing until Brayce entered our family! WOW! This girl is my joy and sunshine! She is so happy and has the funniest personality. She is so much like her daddy, maybe that's why I like her so much! :) She's laid back but a little stinker too! She sleeps so well, she is already switched off the bottle and she is taking steps here and there! She weighs 23 pounds (she likes her food!) but I'm not sure of her length. She has 6 teeth and oh my they will make you smile, that gap-tooth smile makes my heart melt! She has the Biggest brown eyes. She's a mommy's girl, or maybe I just choose to believe that. She's a snuggler and space invader! lol. 
I have loved every moment of being Braycee's mom! 
Good morning my beautiful 1 year old!!



This 1 year old is ready for her big day!

Sisters celebrating Braycee's birthday!

When did my babies get SO big?!

Helping Braycee open presents from Papa and Nonnie!

Brayce can handle this one herself!

Sissy picked out a cow for Brayce... I think she likes it! :)

Um, how are we old enough to have 2 kids!?
(i know my hair is hurting- trying to grow it out!)

Yum Yum Yum!!!
Mess! Mess! Messy!!!

My mini me! Licking the icing off! THE best part. :)

Yummy cupcakes!

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