Feb 10, 2012

Friday's make me SMILE

I am having a stinking good day. Maybe because it's Friday, I'm not sure. But whatever the reason I am HAPPY.

I love having the opportunity to stay home with my girls. My family is my passion and I am living my dream.
I fed Braycee and we were able to clean up the MESSY playroom before sister woke up "to help". Next was snuggles with big sis on the couch while we watched cartoons, we like the Disney channel. Phineas and Pherb is Kairi's favorite for some reason! Silly girl. Next I put away the dishes, folded clothes, and started more laundry - it's never ending! Fed the girls breakfast, got them dressed and then it was playtime. Kai's been wanting to do crafts lately - Mom, she LOVES the books you gave us. So I keep telling her to pick out a couple she wants to make, but she says she wants to make "all of them." So a trip to Wal-Mart will be a must so we can get a few more supplies!
Then a new thing that started last week... my hubby comes home at 1 on Friday's!!! I told you it was a good day. I put Braycer's down for a nap and made lunch for us, spaghetti and green beans. Next it was time to rock with my Kai while she drinks her beloved milk - (I hope she never outgrows wanting to rock with mommy!) and then naptime for that girl. Jonathan decided he should take a nap too - I think he deserves it! (He works so hard for our family and the church!)
And I decided to go for a run on the treadmill - i think i deserve that, too. :) After a great workout using Jillian Michael's iFit program, I came inside to cool off and what better way to cool off than with a (weight watchers) ice cream sandwich! yum yum yum!!!
It's a good day!!!! and it's only 3pm ---- sorry for the play by play of my day but i wanted to tell someone and the hubs is asleep and I am just in a smiley mood. :)

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