Feb 5, 2012

My Rotten Children

Today during the worship music at church (which was rocking' as always!) I got to hold a piece of God's beautiful creation & blessings in my arms, my almost 3 year old daughter, Kairi. 
The band was playing King of Majesty and I was singing and said to Kairi, "we are singing to Jesus." she smiled and nodded her head. Then a few seconds later she raised her hand and started singing!!! At that moment I felt the presence of God and I am guessing He had as big of a smile as I did. A child singing praise. The next song All For Love there is a line of letting the cross draw man close to you.. I told her Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins and asked if she knew that and she looked into my eyes and nodded. 
It was such a sweet and innocent moment in my life. One that I never want to forget. So I had to write it down on here!!
I pray that I always reflect who God is to my girls but that is not enough i must Tell them who He is and what He has done.

My church, COS www.grovecos.com, started a sermon series called - How to Raise a Rotten Kid. - check out the sermon by my fil Mike it will be posted on Tuesday. 
Today we looked at Job as a father. (Job 1:1-5) He was a blameless man but as all parents do made a few mistakes as a dad. 
Here are a few of my notes from the sermon but I highly recommend you check out the sermon online bc I am not a good story teller or preacher like Mike is.
1. He refused to confront his children. He tried to cover up for them. 
- its ok for kids to suffer consequences. 
2. He focused more on rituals instead of relationships. 
- rules are a good thing to have but you must have a relationship. 
3. He monitored behavior more than monitoring the heart. 

*behavior modification is not as important as a heart transformation!!!
The worst thing we can teach our children is God cares about their behavior. We will never be good enough or too bad for God's love. God looks at our hearts!!!

My #1 job is not to raise good kids but to raise Godly ones!!!
  I just love this. I started thinking about it after watching Courageous and what a responsibility but also a true honor! I am the one who gets to tell my kids about the love Jesus has for them. 
How do we monitor and protect their heart? Find out what's going on w them don't let them build up anger and hurts. Talk to them. Pray with them & for them.
I like this advice from Andy Stanley. Every night ask your kid 3 questions:
1. Did anyone hurt your feelings today?
2. Did anyone make you angry today?
3. Have you done anything today that you are sorry about?

Stay connected w your kids and monitor their hearts!

Now in saying all of this it is a good thing for your kids to have manners and good behavior but that means nothing if they are rotten at the core!

When growing up going through jr high & high school if asked if I died today where would I go. I most certainly would've said Heaven and my reason: I was a good kid. I didn't do drugs, I made good grades, and I came from a good family. 
It wasn't till college and giving my life to Christ (again) did I think about it. Was I living for Christ? No. Did I believe in Him? Yes. Did I have a relationship w/ Him? Not really...
So its never for us to judge - luckily-  but I'm not sure now. I'm thankful I didn't die but it puts a new perspective for me .i don't want to raise good kids that would hopefully maybe be good enough. I want to raise God fearing children that actively live for Christ. And I hope my friends, family and church will help me on this mission!

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