Jan 27, 2012

No Fear Kairi

Tonight we were watching snowboarding on the xgames and Kai said I do that! Daddy u do that? I want to Kai but I never have. I want to. Ok when you get bigger we can. I go high and do that. Get one at Walmart. Mommy u want to? No baby I'm scared. Why mommy? I don't like to go high or snow or the possibility of falling and getting hurt. Silence... Watching tv. I scared to go high. I not do that. 
BAM!!! What have I done placing my fears into her mind?! She is almost 3 and has such a mold able mind. And I am one of her biggest influences in her life, if not the biggest. 
I do not want to limit her dreams or shape her fears. The skies the limit and God has blessed her with an amazing gift and talents that we don't even know what all yet. She has the best personality and her joy overflows everyday. I am here to help shape her but not to define her. She will grow and develop into the Kairi God wants her to be. My job as mommy will be to help her discover that. However I am a scaredy cat and do not want to influence those fears into her life.
So I will let my little one snowboard if that's what she wants to do. But I will teach her about safety and wise choices etc. 
After watching some more tricks and turns she looks at her daddy and says, "daddy you hold my hand so we go higher. I not scared."

I love my family. Lord help me be the best mommy I can be. You have given me a passion for this and I thank you. I pray for my children that number 1 they choose to follow you. And #2 that I don't mess them up too badly. :)

"daddy, you nuggle with me on couch?"

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