Jan 26, 2012

Gymnastics - TuTu cute

Kai has started gymnastics. She is in a 3 & 4 year old class.
Currently it's just her and one other little girl. 
Kai did SOOOO good in her class! I was so proud of her. She listened to everything the teachers told her to do. She tried everything. And imitated what they were doing! 
She didn't say a word the whole time though, the other little girl said, "Why can't she talk?" But yet in the car and the bathroom she talked my ear off! So I think she's going to take some time to warm up and talk to new people. But that's one of the great things about putting your child in a class or activity. Not only is she learning gymnastics and coordination. She's learning how to listen and follow directions from teachers. She's learning social skills. 
And I'm learning to sit on the sideline and let my baby grow up... just a little bit.
They stretched for 15 minutes. Doing straddles and splits.
She kept her eyes glued on her teacher.

Walking across the balance beam. At the end she
jumped off all by herself! 3 times!
However, after class she said it hurt her neck. :(
Kai's class is every Tuesday for 45 minutes. I love getting to take her and watch her grow and learn. This morning as soon as she woke up she asked if she could go to "tumblin" today.


  1. She's so cute! I've been talking about getting Kirsten into a gymnastic class, after seeing how cute Kai is in her little leotard, now I have too!

  2. AH! I can't wait for KP to turn 3. We want to enroll her in dance. Kai looks SOOOOOOO cute in her outfit!



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