Jan 31, 2012

Running Shoes

Last night on our way home Kai wanted to "run like mommy and daddy in the streets".  When we got close to our house her and I jumped out of the car and took off! She ran so fast I was afraid she was going to fall. I told her "Wow, Kai you run fast!" As she looks up over her shoulder to me, not missing a step she said, "You run fast too mommy!" Her face lit up with joy. She thought this was the neatest thing! To be just like mommy and daddy and for mommy to be proud of her while she was running!

When we got home we asked her why she wanted to run. She said to "be healthy". I think Jonathan and I both beamed with happiness and pride. We are so proud of her for wanting to be healthy but we are proud of each other for making healthier choices in our lives so we can be good role models for our children.

What are some things your kids watch you do and then imitate?

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