Dec 12, 2011


Lately people have been telling me "you look so awesome" and "you are an inspiration". First of all, wow! Thank you so much for such great compliments!!! I do not take them lightly I cherish each comment! I have always wanted to be an inspiration for someone. So I am not taking this lightly. I feel responsible and accountable to keep doing a good job and to reach my goals. Which again, thank you! I want to reach my weight loss goal, and I will.
I want to lose 25 pounds to get to 145. My goal is to be at my goal weight by the end of March 2012. That gives me 3 1/2 months.
I started doing weight watchers and running again this week. I am going to check out to see what the meetings are like in my town to see if I want to do the meetings or just do it online. And man, does it feel good to be on the treadmill again! I restarted C25k, which they changed their name to Ease into 5k. I did Day 2 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I can tell it's been forever though. But I am pushing myself and want to run most days of the week! I had a "lightbulb" moment last night (because I planned to run yesterday and put it off all day long and dreaded it). I do not HAVE to run... I WANT to run. :) Hits home to me. This is not something someone is making me do or something that I need to dread or feel guilty if I miss a day. This is something I enjoy doing and something I am choosing to do. So that makes it FUN... because as crazy as it sounds - RUNNING.IS.FUN. :)
It is a strange change on the scale from going to losing a pound a day on the HCG to it'll be more like 1-2 pounds a week on WW. But I am ok with that (once I get used to it). I am happy where I am and so I'm just going to start working hard and getting fit.
I'm looking at different weight watchers cookbooks and plan to cook dinners for my family most nights of the week. (which will be a big change for me!) But I am so excited. There is a new points plus one I will more than likely get. I'm hoping they have it for sale tomorrow at the meeting.
So anyways... please keep motivating me, encouraging me, and keep me accountable. And if you ask me how I am doing - I will tell the truth... good or bad. :)

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