Dec 8, 2011


So a few months ago we visited in Tulsa and had such a great experience! As soon as we walked in the door there were people strategically placed to greet us, to serve us, to smile at us, and to open a door. We couldn't get over how amazing the atmosphere was. God stirred up a passion in us to bring this team home with us!!!
We have started with a group of about 9 people and are doing our best to meet and greet and open a door & to be a friendly face at COS.
Last week was too much FUN! A new series was started for the month of December - A Road to Revolution ( and Mike wanted to make the lobby a fun atmosphere where people came in and got in the Christmas spirit. So, I gathered my host team into a meeting where we brainstormed and came up with some fun ideas. And I do have to say I think we had a great Sunday serving our church and our Lord! I am so thankful for the passion God has put in me to have a successful team where we try to make everyone who walks into COS feel comfortable and ready to hear about & to worship Jesus.  ... However, I still am frightened of talking to people, I am stretching and growing. So are several introverts on my team and they all do such a stinking good job!!
Here are a few pictures from all the fun:
About half of the team "working" hard...
Pastor Mike and Sista Lynda (lol) :)
We open doors at COS!
Catch a ride in Santa's sleigh!
Santa's little Elf
My little helper Braycee
Me and the girls. Kai was so cute after service she helped us hand out candy canes! 
She was a little shy and made me ask if they wanted one! Never too young to serve the Lord!
... THIS WEEK ---> KAROKE! and I will have my new camera!!!

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