Aug 13, 2011

Hi! *handshake I'm KC :)

Tonight we visited's campus in Tulsa and All I have to say is wow! What serving hearts they have there. The atmosphere in the lobby was amazing. Everyone was smiling and was so happy to be serving for God and their church. A man named Vince showed us around and answered all of our questions. (we went to spy on them and steal all their great ideas lol just kidding... Kind of!) :) He even caught Jonathan after the service to see what church we go to (and wrote it down) so he could be praying for it and us. Amazing! We loved their Host Team! Basically people that were there to serve and do whatever - like the old fashion good customer service you can't find anywhere anymore! They made us feel right at home and welcomed! And the children's area was amazing! Wow! Can i be a kid agan? Kairi loved her class! They played but also did worship, curriculum, a story and a craft. She didn't want to leave! We tried the "star room" for but she wanted to stay w Momma she had a case of separation anxiety which is ok i did too! Lol. Everyone we had contact w made a huge impact on us! They were so happy to be doing what God had called them all to do - blessing others with their servant's heart!
The service was great too but the real impact was in the people! And I just have to wonder if that stands true for me. Am I making an impact on anyone? Would it make a difference if I wasn't there? And if the answer is No (which I'm sad to admit it is) then I guess I am only going to church to be selfishly fed (and to worship and learn) but where is my servants heart?!
It has put a desire in me to help COS to have that kind of atmosphere. To improve myself to have a servants heart. I think a host team for each service on Sunday morning is going to become a vital and crucial part to our service to our church family hopefully sooner than later. Don't get me wrong I think COS is such a friendly church and everyone does their best to make people feel welcomed! But I know for me I'm scared to talk to people. I get shy. I tend to hide behind my kids. (they r my red cup) :) I am scared of people I don't know and am scared to introduce myself to people because what if they have been coming for a year and I've never met them? I feel extra pressure since I am one of the pastor's wife. But the honest truth is I don't know a lot of the people.
I feel as though God is pushing me out of my comfort zone to be a "door greeter" and a host to say hi, help carry stuff, open a door, talk to new people, and maybe give a hug once or twice. (I'm not a hugger.) to create an environment of God's workers.
You never know when your encouragement (big or small) will be exactly what someone needs. I've always wanted to be an encourager so I thank the Lord for stirring my heart for this new desire. "For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him." (Philippians 2:13 NLT) Now I guess that means since tomorrow is Sunday I have to take the first step out of my comfort zone.
But the host team at had t-shirts so I definitely think that will be a must. So COS readers (if there is any of you that read this) start thinking if you want to help serve by being on a host team! :)
(if I forget then I'm just going to go visit these awesome people again. They have encouraged me.)
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