Aug 17, 2011

LML ... that's LOVE my life!

I have been blessed. And I mean REALLY blessed. 
I have the best family in the world. I thought I ruined all my chances of ever having a happy marriage & life because of all my bad decisions I made in my past! But then I found out that there was a way to be FORGIVEN - truly forgiven! I found a real relationship with Jesus and rededicated my life to Him 7 years ago. And look how He has transformed my life!! A dark and broken path to true JOY! I met my (to-be) husband a year after that and he has helped me through some tough times and taught me so much about what LOVE is. He has also forgiven me for so much and is always SO good to me! He has helped transform me and change me into the woman God wants me to be!
I am seriously the luckiest woman alive. 
And then hello! Look at my 2 little princesses God has blessed me with! I get to be their MOM! Oh wow! I love my life. 
It's all because of Jesus! 

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