Aug 8, 2011

Weekends full of Family time is the BEST kind!

I love getting to be a stay at home mom! The best decision I've ever made. I thank God for blessing me and for helping make it work so I could stay at home. He led me to this place and I am so happy to be here.

Kai and I at the splash pad Friday afternoon! We dropped Brayce off at Daddy's office and I had some great one on one time with Kai!

Rachael and Amelia came to play with us too! but no we didn't plan the tie dye! :)

My girls the week they leave for college! :( We had to have one more time of shenanigans! Too bad it involved "redecorating" my husband's office! lol!
It was totally worth it even though I had to help clean it up!
(vasalene on the floor w/ 10 pounds of rice is not fun to clean!)
Edy and Kairi after finger painting!
This pic makes me smile! I just love these 2 more than I could ever imagine!
Kai and Brayce's cousins Edy and Micah came down to visit for a couple days.
We had a fun Saturday on the boat! 
The Whitney grandkids!
Of course I had to get my Sunday morning picture of the girls! :) 
The bows and dresses were made by my mom. Love them!
My whole world!

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