Jul 17, 2011

Recap of the weekend through pics of course!

Saturday we went to Tulsa to see Mimi and Pop. We went swimming, out to lunch, and to a craft show, then my lil family went to dinner and to the mall. We did discover Kairi gets car sick! No more ipad for Kai in the car!
You should hear her squeals when she sees this at the Tulsa mall. It's worth every penny! 
Brayce enjoying her dinner.
My dinner dates at OTB.
Jonathan and I always do the I love you sign to each other and we've been trying to teach Kairi for months now. Yesterday in the car she got really excited and said "Kairi did it!" - it's close enough. :)
Friday it was just Brayce and Mommy at the house! It was a lot quieter than usual but I love my little girl. I love her big eyes and cheeks! We slept in and hung out. Jonathan came home early and we enjoyed a lazy day at our house!
Thursday one of our friends graduated from her nursing school. Had to get a family shot all dressed up. 
Kairi asked Papa "play Jesus with me?" 
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