Jul 14, 2011

*One on One*

What to do when your little one decides to have more accidents than use the potty?
Go back to the sticker chart! :) Works like a charm! Started with stickers again yesterday and look how many stickers are up already! Barely any accidents the last couple days and she's telling us when she needs to go! YAY!!!

The past couple days Brayce has been going down for a nap in her crib. She usually likes to be held and take short naps. But this week they've been several hours long. Which is good for her and it has also been fun to have 1 on 1 time with Kairi. She LOVES attention. She's always saying "look at me" & "watch" and it's been really fun to have both hands to be able to. 
And then when it's time for Kai's nap time I go lay her down and shortly after that Brayce wakes up. Giving me some snuggle one on one time with my little love! I have been enjoying the one on one with both of them! I love to watch their personalities and how they shine even brighter when it's just them getting Mommy's attention.
Now don't get me wrong they LOVE each other and play so well together. & we have a BLAST playing together all morning and afternoon. ...But those couple hours with each of them are so special to me. :)

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