Jul 12, 2011

Homey Homebody!

Maybe I'm just different or weird. I like being with my hubby and my girls all the time. I like to be where they are! and I like for that to be at home! Hi my names KC and I'm a homebody!
A couple months ago I was unhappy and wasn't sure about some things. My husband and I seeked out Gods guidance and now I am where I'm called to be. A stay at home mom! All my life I said there's no way I'll ever be one! But I am. And I Love it!!!!
When I was in high school and college i hated being home and having nothing to do. I was a social butterfly! Loved the parties and being around a lot of people. Now I'm happiest at home. I guess not only do our taste buds change every 7 years but our personalities do too? :)
Now I am very much a homebody and eventhough I can be loud; I'm scared of conversations and people and am definitely not a social butterfly anymore! I guess I'd say I'm a self proclaimed hermit. In my element (home) I love having a couple people over for games or dinner - eventhough we never do bc that would mean asking someone. I am not shy once I get to know someone well. But it's breaking through that point that is tough for me. Doesn't help my husband is exactly the same way! Good thing we love being together all the time! :)
So I think I need to stretch myself. Ask someone to hang out. Or do a play date for the girls w someone. Get out of the house a little more or even just have people over to our house. I am tired of surface level relationships. I want friendships!!! (don't get me wrong I do have friends but most live far away and are friends from my younger days! But I love them and they are amazing people & I'm lucky to have them. I just dont get to see them (or talk to them) a lot.) My friends in Grove I want to become better friends with. And I'm going to try. But Im going to have to get out of my comfort level a lil bit. :) We'll see how this goes!


  1. I feel the EXACT same way! I love being at home with my family most of all, but do desire some outside friendships, it's just so hard for me to open up!

  2. Tina you guys need to move to Oklahoma! :) sounds like our families would have too much fun together!



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