Jul 11, 2011


{POD stands for Pictures of the Day}
We had an awesome Monday! Since Jonathan had worked all day Saturday and Sunday he stayed home today for some rest and play time with us girls. We took advantage of today and had lots of smiles & laughs and got a lot done around the house too! :) 

You know it's a good day when a Monday feels like a Saturday!

She's such a daddy's girl!
Sissy LOVES helping with chores.
Yummy Supper! (later came back up all over daddy - not so yummy!)
She wanted to run just like mommy! I completed a 2 mile run without any walking! :)
New Minnie pj's from Mimi!
Skyping with Mimi! She was drawing a Pop heart! and Mimi & Kairi <3s
We had fun in the tea set today
"Kairi hold Brayce." - First time Kai has asked to hold her sister! :)
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