Jan 10, 2011

Slow down you move too fast!

It's amazing to me how fast I can become uncontent with life. I feel like I am always looking towards the next step.
When I met Jonathan we fell in love in basically 2 weeks and then I was so ready to get engaged (that's what you do at Bible college). At one point, I was so persistent with it I almost "scared" him away because he was not sure how to tell if I was the one God wanted him to marry - he knew he loved me but wasn't sure about the forever part. (He quickly realized a day later that I was after breaking my heart, but that's another story.) So then I was like when, when, when. And then after we got engaged I was so ready to be graduated from college and married! And then marriage finally came and we moved to Grove and were renting a house and all I wanted to do was buy a house! I couldn't wait! Also, I didn't know anyone in Grove and my husband used to not be a real talkative guy - he would come home from being gone all all day and I would say how was your day? and he would say - eh, good. and that's it. So I wanted someone else in our family! I was ready for a baby! And I cried, and begged, and tried to work out all the kinks of insurance and such of how we could have a baby! In May 2008 we bought our first home and oh my was I excited!!! And we also got pregnant that month. What a great month! Well of course, I tried to hurry time along and couldn't wait for March for my baby girl to be born. After she was then it was like I can't wait for her to be able to crawl, walk, talk... etc. (now i can't believe how big she is and want her to SLOW DOWN!) In April of last year, I got uncontent with my job and went and tried out being a preschool teacher's aide! Luckily, I realized real fast that wasn't for me! And so I called my old boss and luckily there was a spot open for me at my old job. So I am working part time at the hospital and i LOVE it - but somedays it's hard to leave my girl and come to work at all, but I am trying to remember the blessing of being able to only have to work part time and get 4 day weekends with my girl(s) and my husband! Now I am anxious to buy house in town, we are trying to pay off our debt within 2 years and I'm ready for that to be done NOW, I'm pregnant again and have a month left and can't wait - going to try to talk the doctor into inducing me early... (probably won't happen tho.)

I love my life. I love everything in my life. I need to SLOW DOWN and remember to enjoy every day. We are not promised a tomorrow! I do feel blessed and I know everything in my life is a blessing from God. God has ALWAYS shown me his perfect timing! I try to rush things and that just gets me into a MESS sometimes! God's plan is perfect and I am silly to always try to change it or hurry it! Every impatient thing I listed above God's timing played a perfect role. Going to college in Missouri and meeting Jonathan - Moving to Grove and everything falling into place - Insurance working out when I got pregnant because I got a new job the day I found out - And everything in my future will be God's perfect timing. So I just have to quit rushing it and worrying about things. What does tomorrow hold for me? I don't know! (I am a planner! but it's time to stop trying to plan everything and let God have constant control of my life.)

I have to thank God so much for always taking care of me - I know I've been a lot to handle! I'm so glad He is all-powerful and patient! His plan is perfect!

God's timing is perfect. Today I choose to live my life trusting in Him daily. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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  1. I really needed this tonight KC and I didnt even know that until I read it. Thanks so much for sharing this. I totally am with you on everything you said! So encouraging and was a GREAT reminder to me. :)



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