Jan 26, 2011

Expecting Expectations

I've been thinking about expectations today. In our marriage series Mike has been speaking of bringing expectations into your marriages.
But yesterday my husband and I had a talk after our small group about his expectations of our photography business. We started this almost a year ago and quickly started dreaming big. We were working our tails off and booking sessions left and right filling up every Saturday we could. A few times we had 6 sessions in 1 week. Then we started relying on the money it was bringing in to help us pay off our debt faster. So we started feeling pressured to keep up the numbers and income. Well when things get to be like that it is easy to lose the passion of what you are doing and it becomes about something you don't want it to be. You forget why you love it and why you want to do it.
Well as a previous blog I posted stated, I have lost all confidence in it and am afraid to pick up my camera. My husband told me last night that his "expectations" of our business has changed. He wants to find the FUN in it again. To be creative and just to make enough money to support our habit. Not worry about needing so many shoots in a month. But take them as they come and have fun with them.
I felt so much pressure lifted off of me. Pressure to be successful and to be excellent at it. To get to the top ASAP! I now feel like we can do this to have fun and to have a hobby together - like we were doing a year ago. And maybe someday down the road we will pursue it more into a profit making business but for now we want to have fun and challenge ourselves in being creative and getting neat shots for our clients.
Well so that got me thinking how expectations in marriages can make people feel burdened - like a failure or afraid to try something. If we place too strong of expectations on our spouse they may feel like they will never measure up or do anything right and therefore not even try. It is so important to know each other's expectations and our own expectations that we have and then work together to get realistic expectations where it is not a fight or a challenge. But to where we work together and are open and honest. If we feel as though something should be done and it's not we don't have to get defensive and nag, we just need to express the importance of the situation to us. Always looking at how "I" can meet my spouse's needs and improve - not at what "he/she" is doing wrong. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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  1. It's so crazy that you guys had this conversation and that you posted about this. Jacob and I had an "expectations" talk a couple days ago....God is so cool. Thanks for being encouraging and I love the photography you guys do. It's so cool to be able to share a hobby and love like that together. <3



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