Jan 24, 2011

Mental Health Break

Last night and today I have been physically and emotionally drained. I am feeling so very exhausted and pregnant. And my mind is in a heavy fog. Last night and this morning I was feeling sick and stayed home from work. I am trying to rest and recoup.
I made a couple to do lists and have been marking off the items today. Which is helping so much! It is crazy when your mind is emotionally done how it takes such a toll on your body.
Even though I am not feeling 100%, I have LOVED today. I love being a wife and a mother and taking care of all the house work and bills. I am thankful for my job and only having to work part time. I am thankful for the income it helps bring to our family to live and help pay off our debt. I am very thankful for my supportive husband who works hard for our family so I am able to only work part time and stay home the other part! And for my sweet baby girl who is the best daughter a mother could ask for! She's so sweet! All day today she's said over and over "thank you momma" I LOVE IT. :) being a mom and wife are the best!

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