Oct 27, 2009

when the bell rings...

I can't hear out of my left ear. It's been 2 hours since I woke up and it still hasn't popped. For the psat 2 or 3 months I have been waking up w/ either ear clogged and it takes about 15 minutes before it pops. But this morning I am still unable to hear it. I feel silly going to the doctor for it because it doesn't hurt. Wonder if there is something I can clear it out w/ at Wal-Mart. Any suggestions? (Q-tips don't work)

I love my husband so much. And my daughter! Yesterday we got to our house around 4 which we are never home that early and all evening we just played and hung out together. It was GREAT! We definitely need to do that more often. I felt like a family. It's so easy to stay busy and go go go. But we MUST remember to slow down and take the time for quality time w/ our family. So many people have sports and other activities where they are with family but yet not really spending time with them. I feel renewed and strengthened. :) Thank you Lord for the blessing of my family!

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