Oct 22, 2009

Rainy Day

So I'm kinda bummed at myself this morning. I am trying to lose weight and have started cutting back on my eating and started working out. I am using the Wii Active! I love it. It is such a great work out but yet easy to do! Everytime I do it I feel so great and energetic and excited that I wasn't a lazy butt. Well I didn't do it last night - I justified it that I was cuddling w/ Kairi which i was and that was so great and then this morning I set my alarm at 5 to do it but I didn't get up till 6:10. (I'm trying to do it once in the morning before work and then when I get home.) So anyways I am a little bummed but I'm not quitting. I'll do it tonight! I HAVE to lose weight. I am not happy at this size and quite frankly I'm tired of wearing sweatpants all the time because that is the only comfortable thing. This is going to be a long road, I've been fighting w/ it my whole life and I guess I'll just keep fighting because someday I will conquer it and be able to wear "skinny jeans".
Well, I never blog but I just needed to vent all that this morning!
Life is better than I could ever imagine (except for the previous paragraph) :) Kairi is 7 months old and crawling. She is the best baby I've ever heard of. She is so happy and sweet and sleeps all night long still. Jonathan and I just have so much fun w/ her. I love my husband he's my best friend. We get along so well. and he makes me so happy!
Jonathan and I are going to start taking pictures. We have our first client Monday. However, we are doing it for free to help build a portfolio and get some practice so I don't know if you still call them a client, either way I am very excited! It will be fun! I love taking pictures and I will love doing it w/ my best friend. We are called "SEEING SPOTS". Cute huh? :)

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