May 27, 2008


So I had a great weekend my best friend from college Becca and her hubby came down all weekend and JD's sister Caryn came down. We spent Saturday and Sunday on the boat and Monday we went shopping. It was SO nice to have friends down and spend much needed time w/ them. :) They are so fun and sweet.

Last night and tonight we PACKED all our stuff into boxes. I think we're basically done. Thursday we're closing at 1:00 and then my family is coming up and we'll pick out colors and paint our NEW HOUSE!!!! Lynda surprised me today by having her cleaning lady go out to the house tomorrow so we won't have to spend time doing that. I am UBER excited about that. So there is a lot to do this week.. packing, moving, redecorating.
STRESS!!! - I've got the zit to prove it.
Work was awful today. Super BUSY (first day back from the holiday) wow it was crazy. So now I'm going to spend tomorrow and Thursday getting caught up. And I have Friday off YAY! so I can get things done at the house. So it's a very short week at the office but will be a busy short one.
that's it... i'm done...

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