Apr 5, 2016

Just Go For It

My husband says, "Just go for it. Don't overthink it." Hello, I thought he knew me.
I am such a planner and a rule follower, that so many times I find myself unable to JUST DO for fear of making a mistake or not doing it well. I like to do things right.
And then also, I can't help but think, why am I even attempting this? Every time I sit down to write something my baby cries or one, yet usually all of my other children need something. This has got to be the worse possible time to try to start a blog.
But then again, maybe it's the perfect time to start. Right in the middle of the chaos. Finding... no, creating, something just for me. A place to invest in myself. A place to find rest.
So here at The Restful Place, I don't want it to be about right or wrong. I just want it to be. Maybe that's not the best growth strategy plan for a blog. But I think it just might be the best growth strategy plan for me right now.
So Lord, use this little online piece of land as a place to grow me. I always want to keep You as my focus. Becoming more like you everyday. Cover me in grace, because I know I need a lot of it each day.

What are you doing today to invest in yourself?

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