Feb 15, 2016

Love Is in the Air

Happy Valentine's Day 2016! 
From our family to yours!

This is the man I've been kissing for 10 years now. I sure do love him!

You know you love your kids when you buy them more stuffed animals and sugar.

 The girls and I were outside jumping on the trampoline and they decided they wanted to chase the sunset. So I said, "Let's go!" We jumped in the car (well, as fast as jumping in the car a family of 6 can do.) And we drove about a mile from our house to an empty field on a high point in town. It was gorgeous. It was so fun to see the children run happily and free. My heart was filled with love. 

 Kairi wanted to send her balloon into the sky with a message on it. She said, "Happy Valentine's Day! Love God! from Kairi" 

Sometimes I have to take pictures like this to prove I was actually there too. Kids, when you look at pictures from your childhood remember that moms are always the ones behind the camera.

My loves, I am so thankful we get to chase all the sunsets together.

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