Apr 4, 2016

20 Seconds of Courage

The very first post of a brand new blog is a scary thing. There is so much expectation in it.
And I have to admit, I am paralyzed. I created this blog 2 months ago and I have written nothing - not a single post. It has displayed a "coming soon" page this whole time.  When I do find a few minutes to sneak in time to work on my blog, I open up my computer and then I just stare at the screen until one of my four children need me and then I close the computer and think, maybe another day.
Maybe I will write another day, another day when my children are a little older, or when I have a more interesting story to tell. Maybe I'll write when I am better at it. Maybe I'll write when I'm not so scared. Maybe I'll write when...
If I keep going with my maybes, then the day will never come when I actually write.
So today is the day. Today I write. Today I push publish. Today I launch my page.
Which means tomorrow is the day too. Tomorrow I write too. And tomorrow I will also push publish.
I have plans for my blog. I have goals for my blog. But I have to start somewhere or it will never go anywhere. And I must start where I am. Today I choose to have 20 seconds of courage and push publish so I can invite you into my journey, into my life.
So hello to you. Thank you for joining me at The Restful Place. I hope you come and find rest.

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