Sep 30, 2015

September 2015 = Survival Mode

Do you guys see this face? This is how exhausted I was!


September = the beginning of survival mode.

In September we had a newborn and were approved for our foster care. We went from having 3 kids to 6 kids, 6 years old and younger.

I don't remember a lot about September or the next couple of months, I think my brain was trying to help me just survive. Most of the days were filled with tears and counting down the minutes until I could go to sleep again. I'm just keeping it real. It was HARD. Like for real hard. People would ask me in awe how we were doing all of it. And with tears in my eyes and fear all over my face, I would answer, not very well.

(I'll write a post about our foster care experience and what all we learned and went through soon.)

Here are a few moments I found on my camera.

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