Aug 24, 2015

Not Back To School

Here we go again!

After 2 months off for a break while I had Parker and he grew a bit we are back at it!

And I know 2 little girls and a momma who are pretty darn excited!  

We have been living with a "whatever" schedule. Ok, or to put it plainly - no schedule at all. Summer is supposed to be like that though, right? We've had a great break and it's been nice to have the flexibility we needed with a newborn. But this momma was ready for some structure.   The kids' attitudes (and mine) were starting to be a lot more negative than positive.
So today we got back to it and in our new school space!!

Mornings start around 8:30 for the girls (the boys wake up more like 7:30). The girls play on their iPads for 30 minutes, eat breakfast and then the free playtime begins until lunchtime. They love playing together and I love to watch all the creative things they come up with to entertain themselves.

After lunch I put Zeke and Parker down for a nap. And prayed that they would sleep long enough for us to do school. It took Parker a while to let me put him down, but he finally gave in.   
We started back into our My Father's World  first grade where we left off at - week 5. Kairi LOVES having a plan and a routine. This is her sweet spot (mine too). Before I even was out to the room Kai already had her box out and folder doing the exact routine we started with months ago. I better not change it up. :)

 I am looking forward to another year of homeschooling my girls! First grade and Pre-K (and a 1 year old and infant.) Lots of patience required (And no, I don't have extra of it, but instead pray for a dose of it daily. The Holy Spirit will give it to us if we ask.)

We have a memory verse each week from Proverbs. This week is: "He who guards his mouth and tongue will keep himself from calamity." Proverbs 21:23

So here they are watching their tongues to stay out of trouble!  

Kairi squealed when I gave her her math workbook. This girl LOVES math.  

Kai yawned and stretched her arms after an hour and a half and asked, "Are we almost through? It's been forever!" I'd say she's a little spoiled with homeschooling! (We do sit down school for about 2 hours on most day for first grade.)

The girls laid down after we were done with school for a rest time with a couple books. (They've always taken naps, but I think I'm going to move them to a shorter rest time on most days.) - Well correction, we may still do nap times. My 6 year old just came out of her room from her rest time in a daze and said she was "a tinsy bit tired."
I was so thankful that this guy slept during our school time. I'm thinking this will be a successful and wonderful school year. If the boys will stick to my plan! (Ha! I can only hope and keep praying.)  

A day full of play, love, smiles and laughs with my favorite people is a good day. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to teach and train up my children at home. Brayce just told me, "I want to go do school again! Right now!"

So I want to write this down so I can look back to see the timeframe of how the day worked. (I don't know why I have always ran from schedules. I do love it as long as it stays flexible.)

Wake Up 8:30 Play 9-11:30 Lunch 11:30-12:30 Put boys down for a nap 12:30-1 School 1-3 Girls Rest 3-4 Zeke awake at 3 Daddy home at 4

And here is our new space!!!!

Jonathan and I have been working hard for the past several weeks to transform our garage into a school room/ playroom. It is pretty much complete. I haven't decorated any walls yet and I have a small pile left of things to organize. But we were ready to use it and show it off today!
Isn't it pretty? The kids love it and spend all their time out there. The rest of the house is simplified and well kind of empty! It should make keeping it clean easier.    

Jonathan installed an a/c heater for us! It's amazing!! It keeps the space so comfortable.  

The boys' corner with the climber (and um, the pile of stuff waiting for me to organize.) I better do this soon, I'm not sure how patient Zeke will be with me before he just starts climbing on the stuff instead.

I love the added space to our house!!! It doesn't feel like a dirty stinky garage. It's a big family fun space.

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