May 5, 2015

Tuesday Tradition

Last year Papa started a new tradition with the kids - Tuesday night is fishing night.

The girls and now Zeke too look forward to going (pretty much) every week. I am so thankful for the time Papa puts into loving these kiddos. And of course living on the lake is pretty grand.

Lifetime memories and relationships are being built.


Sissy takes her roll as big sister really seriously. She loves her little sister and her little buddy with a big fierce kind of love.

Braycee adores Mr. Tony and it's fun to see their relationship being built and grow. They have some pretty serious talks. Like what color the special rocks are, what 2+2+1 is, and share knock knock jokes.  We are thankful that Mr. Tony and Mrs. Susan have open their home and dock to our kiddos to be able to fish and share in this special tradition. They even invited all of us to enjoy a fish fry. The girls have discovered they not only like catching fish, they like eating it too. 

The girls are excited for another year of fishing!



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