Feb 2, 2015

It's a Crime

Homeschooling is just too fun. I love how it's flexible! When we are doing an activity and the girls really get excited about one of them, we can dive in deeper about it!

Today was one of those days. We did a fingerprint activity and talked about how God made us wonderful and unique. 

Kai loved doing the fingerprints and added LOVEs it to the top of her page!

They were both VERY excited about their new magnifying glasses! 

Then the girls started asking questions about fingerprints and detectives! They wanted to see a picture of a detective so they knew what they needed to wear. 

I'm pretty sure now they're set on being detectives when they grow up! We are having fun with different "crime scenes" and finding clues (fingerprints) to solve the mysteries. 

Broken toys?!?! 

Fingerprints and a broken window!


They're in jail now! Monkey business!

Everyday is a new adventure. And we're loving it. 

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