Jan 31, 2015

A Clean Slate. February Goals

I'm one of those girls who has to wait until Monday to start a diet. And if I've blown the budget I'm not going to get back on track until the 1st of the new month. 

I like new beginnings. Do overs. Try agains. Wipe the slate clean. 

So since February 1st is tomorrow and I really blew it in any "goal" category in January, I wanted to think about the new month and some things I'm hoping to see, accomplish, and do this month. 

Not necessarily focusing on telling my future, but writing down and being intentional about my goals, plans and life. There's something about goals when they're in black and white that make them harder to ignore. 

Some things I want for this month:

1. We are joining the Y! 
I will be figuring out a time several times a week to go walk at the gym (yes, I have a treadmill only 10 feet from me that I haven't used in 2 years.) But the gym. I'm excited about this for a few reasons. Some me time alone. Where I'm just KC and don't have to worry about a baby crying or tripping over little feet wanting to "help" me. Also, I'm excited to get out of the house. Ok, that's not the whole truth. I don't want to get out of the house. But it is harder to "love others" when you never see others. And I'm excited because my husband is going to be going to the gym 3x a week before work. I see February as a healthier family. 

2. More water, fruits and veggies. 
Like I said, healthier family. 

3. Stay on Budget  
We have a goal to get out of debt and to do that we must stick with our budget. 

4. Birthdays. Birthdays. 
ZEKE is turning 1!! Braycee is turning 4! I want to start some new family traditions and really help them to feel like the most special kids that they are. Balloons. And I love what my 3 beautiful kids have planned for their birthdays! 

5. Blogging
To consistently blog a couple/few times a week. I love this hobby. It's a me thing. It's something I love doing. Even though it's just a little ol' blog, it's mine.

6. Homeschooling 
Consistent. Prepared. Executed. 

7. Read 2 books. 

8. Have a new family over for dinner. 

9. And this will be on my list every month: LOVE GOD. LOVE OTHERS. 

I'm excited for a new month. I'm excited what kind of things God is going to do in me and my family this month. I'm looking forward to working hard for these goals and being intentional with everyday life. 

Someone asked my husband last week what his favorite day in his life was. I just loved his answer and have stolen it as my own. My favorite day is TODAY. 
Let's make the most of it. 

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