Oct 4, 2014

Our Maybe Schedule

I did it!!
My goal for this weekend was to make a schedule for our days.
A flexible routine.
A Maybe Schedule.
And I have just finished it! It's 2 am, but it was totally worth staying up to do. Plus the windows are open, the fire is going and 3 of my favorites are snuggled up next to me snoozing.
We've been living like everyday was the weekend or summer break and have been struggling to accomplish anything through out the day.
I have been wanting to get organized for awhile, but last night I knew it was time, actually past time.
Our girls' attitudes (and mine) have gotten pretty stinky lately. There has been a lot of talking back, arguing, and complaining. Last night after a talk and a spanking (it's true- it hurts the parent more than the child), I told Jonathan I was taking responsibility for all of this. I had to get this family back on track to organized, well functioning living. It was time.
Tonight I sat down with a pen and paper and listed out all of our activities we do each week. Then I wrote out a daily schedule for each day of the week. I have our quiet time, meals, school time, nap time and a time for chores! Everything we do has a spot on the schedule.
I looked at it like I would a budget. Because just like money, time will be spent if we tell it where to go or not. I allotted time for each thing that is a priority in our lives and allowed free time in the left over slots.
After I was finished with this part, Jonathan and I prayed over the schedule and that God would bless it and that we could be good stewards with the time He has given us.
"Commit your actions to The Lord, and your plans will succeed."
Proverbs 16:3
"The Lord your God will then make you successful in everything you do."
(When you obey The Lord and keep his commands and turn your heart to him.)
Deuteronomy 30:8-10
Then I downloaded Numbers on my iPad and made a daily/weekly schedule with 30 minute time slots.
I wanted to post it on here because I think I did a pretty awesome job, but honestly I don't feel it's safe to let everybody know exactly where we are every hour of the day. Sorry, but I have to protect my kiddos!
So hopefully it works as well as it looks.
I've never been one for a strict schedule, but Kai and I just function so much better when we have a plan, a routine, and when we now what to expect next.
So I am keeping this flexible and will edit anything that isn't working, but I think we will be able to accomplish so much more with our homeschooling, quality family time, and our sleep schedules.
I think this schedule is going to help us get on track with all areas of life. Our spiritual lives, our budget, health, relationships... just everything. If you're anything like me, if one thing is out of whack - it all crumbles.

I am so thankful for this opportunity to be at home and I am not going to waste it!


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