Aug 14, 2014

What Do You Want God to Give You?

Last night we were doing our family Bible time with the kids out of our "My First Hands-On Bible."


Jonathan was reading from the story in Genesis about Abraham and Sarah. Where God did for Sarah exactly what he had promised. He gave her a son!

From the Let's Talk section we asked,, "What are some of the best things God has given you?"

The girls answered, "Daddy, Mommy, Sissy, Braycee, and Zeke."


Then Jonathan asked the girls, "What are some things you want God to give you?"

Sissy answered without hesitation, "Banner to be here with us!"


I love that sweet little girl and her kind heart. She loves our little baby that lives with Jesus. Of couse we all would love to have our angel baby here with us, but last night I explained to the girls that Banner was still a gift from God and is one of our biggest blessings from Him. He just will spend all of forever living with Jesus in Heaven. But it was ok to still miss him.


We are so thankful for the gifts God has given us. Children truly are a blessing from him.



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