Aug 13, 2014

Pinterest and Creativity

My husband thinks anyone can learn to do anything. Probably because he is so talented and gifted, that it is so easy for him to learn things and be able to do them well quickly. I don't know how he can agree with this theory. He has heard me sing before. Yikes.

Do you think people can learn to be creative?

I look on Pinterest and I see all the creative things people do and have made. I look on blogs and see all the talented writers that are able to put together a post telling a beautiful, funny, and encouraging story along with professional pictures of their adorably, cute houses and families.

And it's easy for me to quickly go to self-pity that I'll never be so awesome or whatever. I don't know. Can you study creativity? I really want to be creative. Maybe I am creative. My sister called me creative the other day and I laughed, like ya right. She's the creative one!

But really, maybe I am creative. When I get on Pinterest and other blogs, it's not creativity that I'm longing for. It's the ability to copy or be as good as. Creating is being original. So maybe if I quit worrying about being like everyone else and just learn to be me then that's what makes me creative. Just the way I am, I can be me. I can't be you. And no one can be a better me than me.

I'm not really a think outside the box type person. But I'm getting excited to be intentional about being me and not comparing myself to what I see as great and just learn to look in the mirror and see a beautiful, creative, loving woman, wife, and mother.

However, if there are Pinterest projects that I reallllyyyy love and am slightly envying. (Like most everyone I see. I love Pinterest.) Then why not try it out. The step by step directions are there. I may not be able to think of it on my own, but I can follow instructions! I may never have a viral Pinterest worthy project I created. But I'm ok with that. I may never be a famous blogger and I'm definitely ok with that...I'm not great under pressure.


I'm ok with being just me. As long as I'm doing what God has called me to do and I am living in obedience to Him then I can't be wrong. I may be different. But I can't be wrong.


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