Jun 27, 2014


It is my 3 year anniversary of being a STAY AT HOME MOM!!
I am so thankful to have a husband that loves me above all else, (besides God I'm gladly his #2). I am thankful that he wants this for our family. He gladly goes to work every morning to provide for our family. And when he comes home he is happy to be here. I love my family man.
Being a minivan driving, stay at home mom was never my dream...
Until 3 years ago.
When these things happened.
And now there's no where else I'd rather be. There's nothing I would rather be doing.
I gladly welcome the never ending piles of laundry, the rough days, the tears and poopy butts, and the limited conversations with other adults.
Because these little people are my people, my best friends.
And I am so thankful they call me MOM.
Some days it's harder than others. Some days I need a break. And some days I want to run away. But there's not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for this life I have. My family is my passion. I am continually trying to learn how to be a better wife and mom. I work on my marriage. I work at being a mom. I am glad my family gives me grace and forgiveness when I make mistakes, which is often.
I just am thankful to be a mommy. And I like being at home with them.
(This is not a post about who's better, stay at home moms or working moms. It's just a post where I'm celebrating an anniversary in my life. I think all moms are great and work hard for their families. We all make sacrifices and we all love our children. If you want to read my thoughts on SAHM vs working moms you can read it here.)


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