Jun 27, 2014

NMPM's The Antidote part 1

Are you infected? Are you suffering from the Perfection Infection? Well, welcome to today's chapter to learn how to be healed with the Antidote!

"Pride, fear, insecurity, and judging perpetuate the Perfection Infection that taints our hearts and plauges our society. When those attitudes creep into our hearts, we miss out. We cheat ourselves out of a great experience, a new friendship, or a deeper conversation." How do we take off those masks we talked about yesterday? How do we start to recognize our heart issues and experience the authenticity we long for?

Well, Jill points us to the answer found right in the Bible in Ephesians 4:22-24. " You were taught... to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires... and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness."

Take off PRIDE and Put on HUMILITY

Sometimes pride sneaks in and we mistake it for confidence. "Pride is comparing ourselves, knowingly and unknowingly, to others with the result that we come out looking better than they do." Guilty! "Sometimes in order to feel better about ourselves, we try to find ways that we are 'better' than another." Comparisons put distance between us and the other person. Pride leads to anger, demands, and unforgiveness. It robs the joys of life from us! It drives us to seek perfection! We expect perfection for ourselves and for everyone around us.

So I hope you'll join me and TAKE OFF PRIDE. But to take something off we must put something back on. Let's PUT ON HUMILITY. Humility is a sign of strength, it is being at peace with our worth in God's eyes. "Pride believes, 'I can do it myself,' and humility says, 'I can't do this without you, God.'"

Ok, so what? Pride. Humility. What does that have to do with the Perfection Infection and motherhood?

When we are devoting all of our energy to being perfect, so others will believe us that we are doing better than we actually are, or that if we just work harder, we'll become the moms we think we should be. But we forget that God sees us through eyes of grace. God wants us to do motherhood well and with excellence, but He loves us just the way we are - no perfection required! There is freedom in authenticity!

Humility is admitting that we still have a lot to learn and we will gladly take advice from others. Take off the mask of pride! When pride is removed, honesty happens. And maybe if we can start to be honest, maybe it'll encourage someone else to be honest. This reminds me of a meeting I went to with some other moms and one of them asked me, "How are you?" I answered honestly, "Not so great. How are you?" She replied, "Good," and walked off. About 2 minutes later she came back and said, "Actually I'm not good," and then shared what was going on with her life. Because I was able to be honest, it allowed her the freedom to be honest.

We have 2 choices. We can put on our game faces and pretend all is well or we can be honest if there is something going on. There will always be fear of sharing our hearts with others. What will people think? Will I be judged? Will I get hurt from the reaction of the hearer and be rejected? So we can continue to fake it and keep people at arm's length living in isolation or we can be the real deal. We can let fear rule or we can put on COURAGE. Courage isn't about the absence of fear it's doing the thing you don't think you can do.

"If our true value is based on how God sees us, then it is easier for us to be honest with others, because what they think about us or how they respond no longer defines us."

Here at my Doodle Spot I won't have all the answers for you, but I have decided to allow God to use my pain to help others who are also in pain. My stories and failures to maybe encourage and inspire another not so perfect mom. No perfection - just real life that is sometimes hard.

"Take off fear and put on courage today. It will help you stand firm in who you are. Fear loses its control over us when courage succeeds."


Authenticity is something I'm passionate about. Most people that know me would describe me as "honest". But there is still so much to learn and so much room for improvement. I was in need of this lesson at this time in my life, of putting off fear and putting on courage. I have been living in fear; in fear of rejection from others. And now, I am through. I can no longer let you define my worth. My worth is in Jesus Christ and He says I am worthy. In fact, Jesus thinks I am so worthy - all of my imperfections and all - to offer me the ultimate sacrifice - His Life for mine!! He offers you the same thing!


There will be more from this chapter in the next couple days. If you're like me you probably only have 5 minutes to yourself to read a blog post, before a kid is yelling for you to help, or the oven is going off telling you that you better get your food out if you don't want it black. So enjoy and until then pray for God to help you and consider how you can put off pride and fear and put on humility and courage.



This is a blog post series I am doing from the book, No More Perfect Mom's by Jill Savage. I am taking her ideas, thoughts, and sentences and sharing my takeaways from them. These are her ideas with a twist from me. I definitely recommend this book as a MUST READ! And I am going to continue to blog through this book as I read it.


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