Jun 9, 2014

Love Stinks

In November of 2005, I fell in love with my best friend on a trip to Chicago.
(Even though he wouldn't ride the ferris wheel with me.) 

Those next 2 years of college, we were inseparatable.

In the Summer of 2006, he asked me to be HIS forever! I said YES!

He's the man that I would follow anywhere.
I love what he loves and I will always be his biggest cheerleader!

I fall in love with him more and more each day!

He's the man that made my dreams come true.

The next 8 pictures are of us on the day of our anniversary each year:

Our Wedding Day June 9, 2007

Our 1st Anniversary 2008

Our 2nd Anniversary 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary 2010

Our 4th Anniversary 2011

Our 5th Anniversary 2012

Our 6th Anniversary 2013

And today - our 7th Anniversary 2014

I love being silly with you.
I love fighting with you.
I love kissing you.
I love raising kids with you.
I love being married to you.
Always and Forever.

Happy Anniversary, my love!

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