Apr 23, 2014

Hoppy Easter 2014

I hope you and your family had a very happy Easter celebrating Jesus's resurrection.
I love how when we asked the girls what Easter means they were able to tell us it was 3 days after Jesus died on the cross for our sins he rose from the dead and is alive!!
Well since we can't get a picture with a cute fluffy Jesus I definitely had to with the Easter bunny at our church!
At church I helped serve in our children's wing. We had so many new families visit the church and it was awesome to get to help serve them and show them even a little bit of Jesus by doing what I was doing. I'm thankful to have even played a little role. I love serving along side my husband. He even let me play with a walkie talkie on Easter.
After church one of the Life Group's in our church hosted an Easter egg hunt. There were around 150 kids and 2000 eggs! The girls loved it. They won some neat prizes, too. (However, Kairi was a little disappointed with me that I sent most of their little goodies to school with her to be added to her class's good behavior "store". Hopefully she forgives me or at least forgets.)
Brayce is still not sure of the Easter Bunny or anything dressed up in a costume - but there were no tears or screaming like last year. She even gave him a hesitant high five.
I thought this moment was so sweet. She stopped running and picking up eggs during the hunt to pick a "flower" and blow on it. Then she threw it down and kept running. I love her and she is always making me wonder what she is thinking.
I thought it was funny how they would race past so many eggs to find certain ones. When we told Kai she could only get 1 more she ran around for several minutes trying to decide on the perfect one because she could only have 1 more!
Easter day is a big deal in a Pastor's family and leading up to it is very stressful and busy. I'm thankful for these 2 men that spent weeks, days, and hours planning, preparing and praying for COS' BIG EASTER.
Our shirts we wore were to promote our church's next sermon series. Saved me trying to figure out what to wear.
Nonnie always gets the kids new Easter outfits and I love the ones we found for this year. Kai picked out her dress so we found a dress for Brayce that coordinated with it and I already had Zeke's polo.
Sibling love
After church we did an outfit change and headed across the street for lunch at Nonnie & Papa's.
That evening we went to a friend's house and celebrated Easter with our Life Group and my in-laws. It was such a fun night of friends, laughter, yummy food, and nice weather. I am thankful to be a part of this life group.
I am so thankful that my Savior conquered death and because of it I am able to have eternal life!

Happy Easter, friends.


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