Mar 11, 2014

How to Lose the Weight without Obsessing

Well the past 9 months were fun. A lot of fun. All the guilt free ice cream and cookies and pizza I wanted. I was going to gain weight anyways, why not enjoy it?! One of the main perks of pregnancy, right?

In July 2012, my husband and I were feeling good and looking even better. We were at our goal weights! And on that July 4th, we decided we were ready to get pregnant again! So what did we do?! .... We stopped exercising consistently and we started eating... a lot. (Plus that other thing necessary for baby making.)

I QUICKLY gained 20 pounds. (Isn't it annoying how long it takes to lose 20 pounds, but it seems like we can gain it in one short weekend?)
I maintained that new weight for a year until I became pregnant in May 2013 with Zeke. So then what did I do? I started eating even more and worked out, well never.
During my pregnancy May-February I gained 55 pounds. Yes, 55 more pounds ontop of the 20 I already had gained. So on D-Day I was 75 pounds heavier than where I was at my goal weight. WAHHHHH!!!!
Well, to no one's surprise, I did not deliver a 55 pound baby, but yet an 8 pound baby, plus some of that other essential baby developing stuff - and now after 2 weeks I am down 16 pounds.
So, to make all these numbers make sense and to keep you from having to do all the math - I now need to lose 59 pounds to get back to my goal weight - where I felt good, had energy, and enjoyed wearing cute clothes.
59 pounds
It seems daunting. But I have done it before and I know I can do it again... I think.
But HOW????
How do I lose the weight without obsessing about it?
I do not want to constantly be thinking about food - what I can eat and what I can't eat. But I obviously need to learn some discipline and figure out a .... DIET that works for me. A new way of eating. One that is a permanent change not just a temporary weight loss scheme.
I have started adding in a little walking, but am still healing from the delivery of my little guy. But will soon be adding in more exercise. We ordered Saun T's T25 workout today and I think I will start the Couch to 5k program again! I will definitely be starting over, from the beginning. I don't want to obsess or a better word would be DREAD working out and exercising.
How to lose this weight without obsessing?
What diet plan?
How to change my mindset about exercise and food?
How were you able to lose your baby weight??
What would have been a better plan was to never go crazy and eat eat eat and quit working out, but it happened and I'm not going to sit here and kick myself. I just have to work a lot harder and have a longer journey because of it.
But it's time.





  1. T25 is amazing. I hate working out but I had a love hate relationship with Shaun and I grew to love it! Can't wait to get back at it again once I have this baby in June :) Your little Zeke is just precious!

  2. Let's start daily exercise and food journeys on Monday together!



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