Mar 11, 2014

Fluffy Marshmallow Beds


You only turn 5 once, so CELEBRATE it!

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear KAIRI!!
Happy Birthday to you!
Let's go on an ADVENTURE!
Who says we aren't spontaneous? My parents were supposed to come up for a visit this past weekend to meet Zeke and for Kai's birthday but food poisoning struck them. :( No fun for them!!! And so we were left without any plans. Friday at 1 my husband came home from work and said let's go!
We packed our bags to go to a hotel in T town.
We left at 3 when kairi was out of school and we were ready for some fun!
First stop: the mall!
Carousal and Build-A-Bear
We got a pizza at the food court and took it back to the hotel. The pizza slices were as big as our heads! CRAZY!
The girls packed plenty of toys to have fun and there was definitely some jumping on the bed happening!
Zeke with his birthday Build-A-Bear SuperPup! It's as big as he is - probably a little bigger.
This moment was so special to me. It was like 10 o'clock and the girls snuggled up next to me on the bed with their iPads and Zeke was asleep on my chest. These kids are my heart on the outside!
(Plus the bed felt like a big fluffy marshmallow!)
LOVE MY KIDDOS!!! So glad that we had this opportunity to spoil them rotten and make sure they feel loved.
Saturday we made a couple stops for Mommy and Daddy before heading to Chuck-E-Cheese!
I'm a mom of 3 now. Where are the groceries supposed to go when shopping?! :)
This was Zeke's first night away from home. 12 days old and he enjoyed his first hotel visit. He did great and slept the whole weekend! Sorry buddy, I'm sure our future vacations will be a little more exciting for you. :)
We had a super fun weekend celebrating Kairi. She is such a sweet, smart, and loving 5 year old daughter. I love her crazy style and to watch her learn and grow. She will always be my little best friend.
Happy Birthday, Sissy. Mommy loves you.



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