Mar 5, 2014

A Baby Story

Monday at 2 we went in for what I hoped to be our last doctor's appointment with Dr. Thomas before we got to meet the new baby. I was 39 weeks pregnant and 4 days. I was READY!!!

Luckily Dr. Thomas and baby were in agreeance with me! I was scheduled to come in the next morning Tuesday the 25th to be induced at 5am.

That night we went to Wal-Mart and out to eat at Rib Crib with my in-laws and the girls. Then we came home to pack our bags. The girls stayed with Papa and Nonnie starting Monday night thru Thursday night - which they LOVED. So Monday night it was just Jonathan and me and we tried to get some sleep. I was so anxious and excited it took me awhile to get asleep, but I knew the 4am alarm clock was going to come very very soon.

It felt like Christmas morning when I woke up and I yelled, "We get to meet our baby today!!!!!" Poor Jonathan I think was still a little sleepy!


When we got to the hospital we unpacked our bags and got settled in and then things started off a little rocky. I've got weird veins and getting an IV in is usually next to impossible and this time was no different. The first 4 tries with 2 different nurses were unsuccessful. It caused nausea and I was close to passing out each time - I'm guessing my blood pressure kept dropping. It would last for about 2 minutes then I would snap out of it and say ok, let's try this again. The nurses were super sweet, it's just my weird veins. Jonathan is so sweet - that is his least favorite part. He hates to see me hurting and I think I freaked him out with the fainting spell. So they called in a nurse from the ER to attempt the 5th try - BAM! Whoa. IV done.


The pitocin was started around 7am and I was dilated to a 3 to begin the day. Whoa, here came the contractions. OWIE!!! Big owie cramps and they were so close together. Every 15 to 30 minutes they would increase the pitocin which increased the contractions and the size of the cramps.
It was just Jonathan and me there that morning which actually was very peaceful and relaxing (as much as it could be between contractions). It was especially nice and quiet after I got the epidural. Yep, give me the drugs. After the epidural we rested and took a nap from around 10:30 to 3 o'clock. During that time they checked me around 1 and I was at a 3. Then an hour and a half later they checked again and I was at an 8. Jonathan called his mom to come up to the hospital because they told us it would be soon.
At 3 o'clock they told me it was time to push. They were so sweet and encouraging. They told me I was a superstar at having babies. LOL, it may seem silly but when I was numb from my chest down and was told to push, those compliments kept me going! I pushed through 3 contractions and at 3:12pm, here HE was!!!!
My baby BOY was here!
This was the best moment of my entire life.
I fell in LOVE hard with this baby boy. I couldn't believe he was in my arms. He was healthy and perfect.
Ever since losing my baby Banner through miscarriage in December 2012, I was fearful. I did my best to put my trust and hope in God that this baby was going to be all mine and that I would get to bring him home. But I was scared. There were many prayers and tearful nights were I would just beg God for a baby that I got to bring home. And here he was. On my chest. All gooey and messy. Crying and clinging to me. He was mine.
One of my first comments about him was how big his hands and fingers were.
Our future basketball star perhaps.
Noah Ezekiel - 8lbs 0 oz, 19" long and his head measured 15" (ouch)
Hi baby boy. This momma loves you!!!
Daddy holding Zeke for the first time.
Little boy, I pray you grow up to follow in your Daddy's footsteps and to be just like him. He's a great one.
Nonnie got to hold her grandson. She loved being in the delivery room with us and she just kept thanking us for letting her be a part of it all. Of course - someone has to hold my bum numb leg again.
Jonathan and I spent some time alone with him just holding him. Jonathan prayed for him and his life.
We even got a little nap in.
The girls came to meet their new little brother around 6, after school and after gymnastics. They just wanted to hold him. Brayce's new nickname is Baby Hog. Anytime Zeke would cry or whine she would run over to him and say he wants me to sing him a song!!! And then she sings, "Sing a song of celebration. Lift up a shout of praise. Don't take my sunshine away. 3s and 4s and 5s..."
My whole world!!
I love Kairi's expression in this picture.
Papa meets Zeke!
The girls are staying with Papa and Nonnie all week which is so helpful and I am so thankful. The girls had a blast and I think it wore Nonnie and Papa out. It was a very quiet and relaxing week to get adjusted to a newborn. So, just some advice from a new mom - be nice to your in-laws.
This Big Big sister loves her baby brother. I'm so thankful for such a loving, responsible big girl that will always be there to watch after her younger siblings.
Unfortunately, my parents were both sick this week and so they weren't able to come up to be with us during the delivery - but they are coming up this Friday to meet him. I know he will be excited to meet his Mimi and Pop. Thank goodness for FaceTime!
I sure do love this little guy!!!
Our first night went really well. We did send Zeke to the nursery from 1:30 to 4:30, but I was ready for him to come back and he slept in my arms until 8. All he does is sleep!
Zeke spent the first day spitting up quite a bit so they thought it would be good if we went ahead and stayed a 2nd night so we could keep an eye on him and make sure he was taking the formula ok. (Which he is, just getting used to eating and burping.)
Well, hello handsome!
(This hat is from the ETSY store Petunias - I love it!)
Baby Hog Brayce came back to visit with Nonnie while Sissy was in school.
Look at my baby with my other baby. That little chubby toddler hand! Oh my! My heart is so full.
Wednesday I woke up feeling really great. I took a shower and was up and about. I had fears about how I was going to feel afterwards and the pain that delivery brings, but God really answered all of those fears and I felt great and was pretty painfree (with the help of Tylenol and Ibuprofen). I was so thankful. I'm not sure why I was so scared of the pain. I think I just didn't want to be out of commission for a week unable to help or take care of the kids.
One thing I really wanted to do while we were in the hospital was do a photoshoot of Zeke. If you look at the previous post titled Noah Ezekiel you can see some of the pictures. I am so happy with how they turned out and seriously, my baby boy is such a cutie!!!
I was even feeling so good, I was standing on the couch to get a better angle. I don't think Jonathan approved of that one though. :)
All of the nurses and doctors were so so so nice and wonderful. We really had a great experience. Day 2 they left us alone a lot and I got to be unhooked from all the machines/cords a few hours after giving birth. That wasn't the case with the girls so I was very excited about that. I was free to roam about.
We are a family of 5! Family is what fills my heart and is where my passion is. I absolutely love being a wife and a mom and I am especially thankful to call these people my family.
Seriously?! These are the little people that call me mom?! I am so LUCKY!!!
Little man had to be circumsized Wednesday night which wasn't as big as a deal as I thought it was going to be - at least for me. I'm sure it was for him, but he was back in our room within 20 minutes. And then we got to cuddle up and watch some Arizona basketball.
Jonathan says I am a baby hog. That's ok though. I'll claim that title. I don't like to share this little guy.
Thursday morning we got released and after waiting on the orders and paperwork we were finally ready to go at 11:30.
My little superhero
Let's go HOME son!
My friend Stacy decorated our porch for when we arrived home. I loved it!
Had to take our house/front porch picture. When we went to the hospital Tuesday it was like 60 degrees and it was around 20 on Thursday.
This is the sweet, sweet note that Daddy wrote for his little man. Bring on the tissues.
(If you are trying to read it, good luck - it took me many years to be able to read Jonathan's hand writing.)
One thing that I loved was when we came home I almost thought a house cleaner had been there, but Jonathan and I had spent the previoius Saturday cleaning the whole house and getting all the laundry done and we even went grocery shopping. I am so glad we did. Definitely recommend that if you can before you have baby. Because this past week I have not wanted to do anything but hold him!
When we got home I was carrying Zeke and talking to him and then I took him to his room. This is one of those moments I hope I always remember. Very personal moment for me. I had my son. And he will get to enjoy his room we made for him. And he was home.


I thought it would be weird to have a newborn in the house again, but it feels so right. He was meant to be a part of this family. He fits in so well. He's a laid back little guy and just sleeps and sleeps. And does some eating and pooping too. That's one thing that has been different - I have yet to master those diapers. The pee goes everywhere! :)

The girls came home Friday and I was so happy for them to be home. I love that we were all 5 home together. We have adjusted well to having a baby in the house. The weekend came and then we had 2 snow days and I for one have loved being locked in this house. I'm thankful Jonathan was able to take the time off of work.

Zeke has slept well. He gets up around 2 and 5 to eat and poop and then he goes back to sleep. I can't complain on the amount of sleep I have been getting. I have felt rested and am thankful for a husband that helps so much. It's been nice to each "take a night shift". He is sleeping in a rock and play sleeper next to my bed and really seems to like it. I forgot how much worrying happens when you have a newborn.

I asked Jonathan if there was anything he wanted to add and he said, "Did you mention how perfect he is?!"

WELCOME TO THE FAMILY ZEKE!!! We are so glad you are here!


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