Aug 1, 2012

Where a Kid can be a Kid

Where a kid can be a kid...
Papa and Nonnie took us all to Chuck E Cheese!!!

These have always been my favorite arcade games!
Once again jumping up and down w/ excitement!
Yelling: I DID IT! I DID IT!

Brayce is NOT a fan of Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and apparently Chuck E Cheese! :)
Fueling up on pizza
Brayce was terrified but Kai wanted a pic w/ mommy.
This was right after she fell and skinned her knee which
almost ruined the rest of the night. It took about 30 minutes
to calm her down and remind her to smile and have fun!
"You hold me up there because my knee hurt there.
I ran so fast there when I went potty and I hurt my knee. I put a wet paper towel for a lot and it feel better, Mom." - Kai's helping me blog apparently. :) She saw these pictures and started telling stories.  
Brayce couldn't get enough of all the games.
Which one to pick! So many choices!
Miss Cool Girl had fun
Chuck E Robot
I have a future blogger on my hands... Kai's story of our fun time:

Thank you Nonnie and Papa for helping us create so many great memories as a family!!! :) We <3 div="div" u="u">

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