May 19, 2012

Hello Summer!!!

This past week we were able to go to the splash pad twice! 
It was TOO NOISY at our house w/ the new roof being done so we got outside and enjoyed some beautiful May days and this sunshine. 85 degrees!

The girls and I ran errands and then we met some friends at the Splash pad on Thursday.

I can NOT get enough of this girl! I love that she is walking. She just started a couple weeks ago and it's just too darn cute. 

It takes her a little bit to warm up to the water but then she enjoys it!

Water and sunshine makes the girls hungry! :) Snacks w/ friends

Since it was still noisy at our house on Friday I thought we could use some more sunshine!
I'm trying to enjoy this before it gets to be 120 degrees!

Just us girls. We have fun together! :)

Papa was across the street at the Post Office and saw our car! We were happy that he came over to play for a few minutes!! You should've heard the girls squealing with excitement!!!

This is what we call a GOOD DAY!! :)

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