May 20, 2012

I hear Wedding Bells!

Tonight we got to celebrate our friends' wedding day! 
They had a beautiful wedding on the lake. The weather was beautiful but it was very windy! All of the ladies in dresses were ... well probably were wishing they had pants on! I didn't see any panties so I think we all survived the wind! 
I pray for a beautiful, God-filled marriage for them.

My little princess!
She told her Nonnie when the wind blew her dress
she felt like a real princess!

Just me!

My happy and beautiful little family! :) 

My husband and I. Whenever we go to weddings I am always reminded
of the vows I took almost 5 years ago to love this man forever!
Kairi is SOOO her Mommy's mini-me! 
Of course the wedding cake was her favorite part of the night!
(I didn't even have a lick! 1 more month of my NO sweets!)

I was so impressed she shared her cake with her sister!
This moment made my heart smile. I was filled with JOY and
was reminded of the blessing these 2 girls are in my life!

And then there was this moment!!! :) Again I was reminded
of the blessing I have with these 2 wonderful people as my in-laws!
They are about to celebrate 34 years of marriage! :)

This may be my new favorite photo!

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