Apr 12, 2012

Momma's Don't have Time to be Sick!

Yesterday I woke up feeling crossed eyed. I sat up and felt like the room was spinning. I was so sore and achey, pressure through out my whole head, throat sore, sneezing, congested, and was so lethargic I couldn't do anything!!!
It took all I had to take care of the girls yesterday during the day. And they are such good girls.

Kai first went after the heating pad but when I told her that wouldn't be good for my head she got her Bible out and asked if it would make me feel better for her to read it to me! So sweet! 

Jonathan works from 9 to 9 on Wednesdays and I knew I needed to sleep and the girls needed to get out of the house. I felt bad not being able to play with them or anything but sometimes we can't be super mom and we have to ask for help! Around 3:30 I text my mother in law asking if she could help me with the girls. It is such a blessing to live close to family that is willing to help and that loves and supports!! 
Lynda came to get the girls and took them to McDonald's, church, and Wal-Mart! What a blessing! I turned off all the lights off in the house and slept for several hours!

Jonathan brought the girls home at 9:30. Kai was walking up with something behind her back! She had helped Nonnie pick out some "get better" flowers!! And Jonathan brought me a sonic ice water! I felt spoiled and loved! We got the girls to bed and I slept all night!

I am feeling much better today. Just sneezy and a little congested in my head but other than that I am doing well. I am trying to take it easy. I cleaned the house and did all the laundry but decided I shouldn't work out today! One more day of recovery! 

Anyways, with the help of my husband, girls, MIL, and God I am feeling better today. Sometimes as a mommy we don't feel like we can have a sick day but cry out for help to friends or family. I really believe that's how I was able to recover so quickly! Thank you family!

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